CETAF to IIIF Proof of Concept

Given a CETAF ID for a natural history specimen how might an application find an associated IIIF Manifest file so that it can be rendered in a IIIF compliant viewer?

If the specimen does not have a IIIF resource associated with it but does have a large image is it possible to "spoof" a IIIF end point for that image file?

Mapping to IIIF Manifest

Given a CETAF ID this service tries the following actions:

  1. Calls URI asking for RDF response.
    1. Gets parsable RDF metadata
      1. Specimen metadata has dc:relation to resource of dc:type http://iiif.io/api/presentation/3#Manifest and dc:format "application/ld+json" -> Redirects to that IIIF manifest URI
      2. Specimen metadata lacks dc:relation to resouce of dc:type http://iiif.io/api/presentation/3#Manifest and dc:format "application/ld+json"
        1. Can recover URI of high resolution JPEG from RDF -> Redirects to spoof IIIF end point here on this server that proxies for the big image. (Been done for Paris example)
        2. Fails with NOT FOUND error.
    2. Fails to get metadata -> Gives Up with not supported Error

Give it a go!

CETAF URI: Show in viewer:

Some Examples

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